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Kyocera Golf Club Classic

Formerly known as Annodata Matchplay


Gedney Hill GC has entered 2 teams in the Kyocera Club Classic Knockout (formerly known as Annocata Matchplay). Sadly the Captain's team was knocked out on Sunday, 9th June at Stock Rochford, the score being 3.5 - 1.5 with 4 matches going to the 18th hole. However, the Vice Captain's team beat Milton GC at Gedney Hill on Friday, 7th June, 4.5 - 0.5. The picture shows the Vice Captain's winning team. Well done boys and comiserations to the Captain's team.

100 Club.....

Week 2 Draw


The second draw of the 100 Club took place yesterday, Tuesday 21st May. Number 64 was drawn by Amanda Cook and the winner of the £25 prize is Christine Lord. Congratulations Christine!

100 Club Draw

Week 1


The first draw of the 100 Club took place today, Sunday, 12th May. Number 55 was drawn by Kevin King and the winner of the £25 prize is Ann Chick. Congratulations Ann!

The Mowers are Rolling......

.........and Cutting the Rough!


Message from the Greenkeeping Team: "At long last we are finally cutting the rough! The last thing we need now is mower damage so when you are playing if you need to remove penalty area markers to take your shots please replace them. Please put bunker rakes back on their holders. You may also notice piles of twigs and branches here and there - if you see any large twigs/branches lying around please move them from the rough and put them somewhere where they won't impede the mower until we get round to clearing them up. These objects are, at the moment, difficult to see in the rough and can cause serious damage to the mowers or injury to someone walking alongside the mower. Some of the ropes have been taken down so please use your common sense and if you see a wet or muddy area keep away from it. Also, please keep trolleys away from the fringes. As always, please replace your divots and repair pitchmarks. Help us to help you! Thank you for your understanding and patience GHGC Greens Staff"

New President Voted In.... the AGM


Today, 24th March 2024, Nigel Grummitt (Grumbo to most) was voted in as the new Club President. Congratulations Grumbo!

Holes Closure

Dyke Clearance


Holes 1 and 2 are currently closed. On the 15th hole play to the 16th green and then play the 17th. Please be patient whilst this necessary work is carried out. We will all benefit from it.

Please Stick to the Rules.....

Look after our Course!


If you want our course to remain playable, please stick to the rules! If you need to remove a stake supporting the ropes in order to take a shot, please replace it. Please also DO NOT take your trollies inside the ropes - they are there for a reason. The picture clearly shows a stake lying on the ground and two trolley tracks going down the waterlogged 13th fairway. The Greenkeepers have worked hard to make the course playable and this sort of behaviour is not acceptable!

Course Re-opening......

.....from Saturday.


The Golf Course will re-open on Saturday. The Greenkeeping Staff have been, and still are, working hard to remove surface water to get the course in a playable condition. Several of the bunkers are still waterlogged and will be marked up as GUR. In addition, the trench at the rear of the 7th green (see picture) is also GUR. The course is still very wet in places. If you are playing please use common sense and avoid walking through the wet patches to help preserve the course. Please also keep trollies outside the roped off areas. I am sure you will join me in thanking the Greenkeeping Staff for all of their efforts.

Course Update

From the Greenkeeping Staff


We have been constantly pumping water out of the ponds into the dykes during daylight hours. Currently we are concentrating on the 2 middle fields. To give you an idea of how wet the course is, we can empty a pond during the daytime and by the next morning it is full again. Hopefully the Course will be open at the weekend. We would like to thank Members for their patience whilst this work continues and hopefully you will shortly be able to see the difference the closure has made. Kind regards GHGC Greenkeeping Team

100 Club

Final Draw


The final draw of the current 100 Club was made at today's Committee Meeting. The winners are as follows: Number 69 - Stuart Biggar (drawn by Steve Steels) £25.00 Number 8 - Andrea Stockton (drawn by Nick Markillie) £50.00 Number 63 - Steve Jackson (drawn by Sam Harford) £75.00 Number 67 - Adrian McGoldrick (drawn by John George) £100.00 The new round of the 100 Club will take place as soon as all the numbers have been sold. Please see Mike Page to purchase your numbers.

Update on 100 Club....

Weeks 8 and 9


Here's the results of the 100 Club Draw for weeks 8 and 9: Week 8 - 17/12/2023 - No. 86 Adam Britton - £25.00 Week 9 - 24/12/2023 - No. 81 Chris Sawyers £25.00 This week, week 10, will complete this round of the 100 Club. There willl be 4 prizes £25, £50, £75 and £100 which and will be drawn this Saturday 30/12/2023.

Seasons Greetings...... all Members


Merry Christmas to all Gedney Hill Golf Club Members. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Kind regards From all the Staff and Volunteers at the Club

100 Club

Weeks 1 to 7


Here's the winners of the 100 Club draws weeks 1 to 7: Week 1 - 29/10/23 - Adrian McGoldrick - £25 Week 2 - 05/11/23 - David Schulz - £25 Week 3 - 12/11/23 - Dan Arbon - £25 Week 4 - 19/11/23 - David Schulz - £25 Week 5 - 26/11/23 - Adam Britton - £25 Week 5 - 26/11/23 - Dan Arbon - £100 Week 6 - 03/12/23 - Richard Senior - £25 Week 7 - 10/12/23 - David Young - £25

Charity of the Year...

Pancreatic Cancer UK


Today we had the final fundraising event in the Ladies' calendar. Instead of sending Christmas cards to each other we donated money to the charity. Also, Andrea Stockton brought us some homemade pate and only asked for a donation to be made in return. I am pleased and very proud to announce that after today's donations the figure raised to date for Pancreatic Cancer UK is £3,427.69!! You, the members of Gedney Hill Golf Club, are amazing! Special thanks go to Club Captain Rob Bye and Seniors Captain Steve Steels for donating their Captain's Day entry fees. I am trying to arrange a cheque presentation for sometime in March, however until then donations can still be made. Let's see if we can get the figure up to £3,500. Rob will always take donations in the shop. Once again, many many thanks. Chris Bennett Lady Captain

Course Status

Course Conditions.........

.....Greenkeepers are doing their best!


The Greenkeepers offer their apologies regarding the state of the course. They have been doing their best following the rainfall this week. The mowers have been out today and fingers crossed the course will soon be back to normal. The sanding and seeding of the greens will take place on Monday and Tuesday. Please be patient and give Greenkeepers priority so they can complete the job. Please also be aware that late Thursday afternoon the bunkers will be sprayed with weedkiller.